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Farah New York is a holding company and direct access provider of financial services including asset based lending factoring and purchase order financing. We continue to expand our holdings products and services for the benefit of clients worldwide.

Financial services, advertising and marketing, hospitality & travel, music and entertainment to communications our network of companies is at the beck and call of global business.

Our team of professionals work closely with clients to improve efficiency and eliminate enormous strain on their operations!  Helping Clients leverage information technology and operational aspects of mission areas.

CEO-level concern solutions that relates to markets, portfolio diversification and management, credit requirements, strategic planning, and security functions across the organization.


Corporate Grade Solutions

funding innovations
Innovative and Focused

Innovative and focused! Remain resourceful and competitive under the demands of increased operational cost and productivity requirements.

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funding ingenuity

Ingenuity with instant access to leading-edge standards-based industry solutions to set you apart from the competition.

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funding solutions

Business Imperative Solutions to manage risk, reduce cost and improve operations!

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Professional Business Solutions and Funding Options


Financial Services Overview

Our financial services are professional grade and tailored to fit the funding requirements of our clients

Asset Based Lending

Full service asset based lending and corporate finance for companies that have been operating for at least two years.  Start the funding process

Invoice Factoring

Accounts receivable and invoice factoring for most businesses that invoices other businesses. We can fund not only the larger companies but also startups. Quick Quote

Purchase Order Finance

Purchase order financing is ideal among others for fashion designers apparel manufacturing distribution and wholesaler companies. Get Funded

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